Re: Nungesser's Nie.17 (was: 72nd Wildcat reccommendations...)
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 03:40:10 -0400

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>> 3. How the hell do you pronounce this name. It certainly doesn't look
>> French. My wife says "Noon'-ges-ser"; a book on tape said
>> "Noon'-jzah-sair'." Is either close?

A few years ago, a friend of Fred Charlton, by my request, recorded a tape of
French Aviation names, including some personalities, and manufacturers.
As near as I can make out, he pronounced the name of Messr. Charles as
"Nea'-zies-air", with the 'ea' in the first syllabel pronounces as in 'earn'
The second syllabel is like 'yes', only with the 'y' replaced by the 'zi'
in Frazier, as in Dr. Crane. The 'air' is where he flew. The accent is on
the first

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