Re: Shop in MA specializing in WWI aviation books?

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 12:00:55 +0000

Joe and all,

There is/was one. I think that it may have gone away following the
death of the owner. They are frequently mentioned in WW I Aero, but like
the two of you I cannot recall the name of the shop.

On a similar note, I hae recently received a flyer from Flying
Machines Press. Their book
"The IMperial Russian Air Service" By Alan Durkota, Tom Darcey and Victor
Kulikov will be published in December. Between now and 15 December 1995
pre-publication orders will be accepted. List price of the book will be
$79.95, pre-pub price will be $75.00 including shipping for US customers.

Order from : Flying Machines Press
35 Chelsea St.
Stratford CT 06497

phone: 203/378-9344 FAX: 203/380-1849
Visa and MC accepted.


>I wrote:
>>> One other quick question, there used to be a WWI bookshop (or a dealer that
>>> specialized in WWI) in Massachusetts somewhere. You wouldn't have any
>>> contact information would you?
>Matt responded:
>>The other thing that comes to mind is the name "Quimbley & Sons", or
>>something like that. I might not be right, but it could be a start.
>>Good luck, and if I were you, I would post that question to the list.
>Does anyone know/remember if there is/was a store in MA that specializes in
>WWI aviation books? I seem to recall that it was in the northern suburbs of
>Boston (somewhere right off of 128/95, between Winchester & Bedford I think)?
>I just, for the life of me can't remember the name of the place. I used to
>get a catalog from them, but I have lost contact (3 moves in a year will do
>that to you :)
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