German Purple (yes, again)
09 Oct 95 16:08:00 EDT

Hello all,

A question has been occupying my mind to the detriment of unimportant
matter like work for the several days since I received my Windsock
Datafile 53 on the DFW C.V

It concerns the actual colour of the purple used on many of the German
aircraft in WW1, and the representation of it in colour profiles.

The colour (as it is reproduced on the covers of the datafile) is a
distinct and bright purple. This worries me not the least, since verbal
descriptions apparently have it as a bright "royal" purple.

There are existent pieces of fabric and Peter Grosz and Ray Rimmell both
refer to them complete with Methuen references (17F8 and 18F8)

I'd imagine most of us have a preference for their own idea of "right".
Steve Hustad and others posted their impressions some months back.

However what I'd like to know (since I DON'T have a copy of Methuen) is
how close the artist (Rimmell) and the printers managed to get the colour
profile colours to the Methuen references.

Anyone out there with a Methuen and Datafile 53 ?

Brisbane Australia