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> However what I'd like to know (since I DON'T have a copy of Methuen) is
> how close the artist (Rimmell) and the printers managed to get the colour
> profile colours to the Methuen references.

Although I don't have Datafile 53 yet (probably today), I do want to
comment on the colo(u)r representation on Datafile color plates. In
not so many words, be very suspect. Problems were brought out to me
by Greg Van Wyngarden, when we were discussing Roland colors. I
asked him why the underside blue on Roland D.II's was so bright,
compared with Roland C.II's. I mentioned I was looking at the color
plates of the Datafile's, and that's when he told be that sometimes
the colors just don't come out "quite right". Most of it is due to
the printers, since Greg thought Ray was very careful about his
colors when he can be.

So, if you do have some reference - Methuen or (if possible) FS 595 -
then definitely refer to that. Only use the color plates when you
*have* to. Now, that is a big problem for some of us, since we don't
have a copy of the Methuen. However, also take into account that
color *ranges* are given for a reason. When you talk about fabric
colors, and the possibility of fading, water stains, and different
manufacturers, there is definitely a "range of colors", versus one
set color (ala FS 595). So, you can have two DFW C.V's sitting next
to each other at a contest, with two different shades of purple, and
you both could be right. Whenever you get a judge saying "oh, this
is not the right shade of purple", then either tell him about fabric
problems, ignore him, or (my favorite) *smack* him. :-)

Barry (from Rosemont) and I were discussing this when talking about
the latest lozenge from Aeromaster. It's different from all others,
but it's not _wrong_. What I consider wrong would be the lozenge
supplied by DML with their D.VIII. When I first saw this, I was
thinking "Cool. Halloween." (Or would this be the Eduard D.VIII?
Gads, memory is so hard to come by...:-))

However, I still find it suspect when a person paints a Nieuport 17
in a color representing (and shines like) stainless steel... But I
guess that's my problem... ;-)


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