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Mon, 9 Oct 1995 08:37:12 -0500

On 8 Oct 95 at 12:28, C.P. Hart typed diligently:

> on 8 October Mark Rook wrote:
> >- Which brings me to my question. As an experiment (i.e., I'm <<not>> going
> >to enter this in competition, even if it does turn out to look good), I'm
> >thinking of doing an inexpensive DIII kit up in Turkish markings. So my
> >question is - what would a DIII, circa mid-1917, look like, fresh from the
> >factory? Lozenge or no lozenge? Light blue under-surfaces or clear doped?
> >You get the idea. Any suggestions (other than sniping from you 1/72-er's out
> >there) will be greatly appreciated.
> As far as my recollection goes, no book in front of me, all Albatros
> D-IIIs had painted camouflage of mauve and green on upper surfaces and
> light blue on under surfaces. This also goes for early models of the D-V
> and D-Va. Mid-1917 marks the introduction of the printed lozenge fabrics.

Don't forget (how could you?) the fuselage was left "natural"...

And 1/48th? Hey, Mark mentioned the 1/72nd folks as "(the scale for
the small minded ;-)". However, I will be "above that" and refrain
from replying on this, the scale for those with vision impairment...
;-) Oops, too late, I guess I did comment on those who build
1/48th... Just remember, pobody's nerfect...


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