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Matt Bittner (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 12:10:10 -0500

On 9 Oct 95 at 11:45, Bill Ciciora typed diligently:

> Confusion reigns as I get deeper into my SVA.5 project.
> The roundels I was planning to use from the Ministry SPAD decal
> sheet have a green inner dot and a red outer circle. Nearly every
> other reference I've seen on Italian aircraft shows a green outer
> ci cle and a red inner dot. The only exception is the Glencoe SPAD
> reference, which shows Baracca's machine using the same roundel as
> the decal sheet. Question is: did the SPADs have a different
> rounde than the Capronis, SVAs, and Nieuports? Or did Ministry get
> it wrong by using a bogus reference? Any help appreciated!

This is coming from memory, so be gentle...

The only difference could be the colors. There was a certain point
in the war where the Italians standarized on roundel color schemes.
I don't believe there was any difference in the placement of the
colors within the roundel. If anybody else can help out, please do.


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