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Mon, 09 Oct 1995 16:14:04 GMT

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>Confusion reigns as I get deeper into my SVA.5 project.
>The roundels I was planning to use from the Ministry SPAD decal sheet have a green inner dot and a red outer circle. Nearly every other reference I've seen on Italian aircraft shows a green outer circle and a red inner dot. The only exception is the Glencoe SPAD reference, which shows Baracca's machine using the same roundel as the decal sheet. Question is: did the SPADs have a different roundel than the Capronis, SVAs, and Nieuports? Or did Ministry get it wrong by using a bogus reference? Any help appreciated!
>Bill Ciciora
For what I know, the two types of roundels were used by the Italians
during WWI. The only problem is to have good photos of the particular
aircraft to be modelled to be sure of the type to use.
Hope that helps.
Regards, Mike

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