Re: Italian Roundels

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 11:18:40 -0700

>Confusion reigns as I get deeper into my SVA.5 project.
>The roundels I was planning to use from the Ministry SPAD
decal sheet have a green inner dot and a red outer circle.
Nearly every other reference I've seen on Italian aircraft
shows a green outer circle and a red inner dot. The only
exception is the Glencoe SPAD reference, which shows Baracca's
machine using the same roundel as the decal sheet. Question is:
did the SPADs have a different roundel than the Capronis, SVAs,
and Nieuports? Or did Ministry get it wrong by using a bogus
reference? Any help appreciated!
>Bill Ciciora

Both varieties of Italian roundels were used although the
SVA.5's seem to have used the red center/green outer almost
exclusively if not totally exclusively. The Italian Nieuports
however, seem to use the two varieties almost at random.

I don't have a reference on the SPAD's available right handy
but I seem to remember that both varieties show up on them
as well. I think you've just got to hunt down a photo of
the specific a/c you're doing and go from there.

For color comparison purposes, the green is _always_ towards
the front on the rudder stripes so you can use that for tonal
comparisons on the b/w photos to figure out which variety of
roundal you're dealing with.

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