Re: Albatros D-III colors

Don Rinker (
Mon, 9 Oct 95 17:04 EDT

On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, "Matt Bittner" <> wrote:

>> As far as my recollection goes, no book in front of me, all Albatros
>> D-IIIs had painted camouflage of mauve and green on upper surfaces and
>> light blue on under surfaces. This also goes for early models of the D-V
>> and D-Va. Mid-1917 marks the introduction of the printed lozenge fabrics.
>Don't forget (how could you?) the fuselage was left "natural"...

Yet another suspect generalization.

Numerous D-III were prestained in various degrees of a rather red-mahogany
looking color. The amount of filler and the type of varnish changed many
"natural" D_III from looking like clear finished plywood to something like
the fatty yellow look of a SPAD.

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