Re: Albatros D-III colors

Don Rinker (
Mon, 9 Oct 95 19:52 EDT

On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, (C.P. Hart) wrote:

> This raises a curious point, how do we know that the wood of German,
>or any other combatants a/c was "stained" versus color introduced by
>varnish?? It would make sense that different manufacturers using varnishes
>from several different sources will obtain finishes on wood of distinctly
>different colors.

There are numerous extant films of Albatros war production. Several show
scenesof staining and varnish application as well as fabric application and
stitching techniques. These films arent generally available to the public.

> In the case of German a/c, as the war continued and the quality of
>manufacturing materials declined, changes in varnish quality might be
>reflected in colors it produced on wood.

Germany had little problem with sources or supply for Shellac and varnishes.
Being one of the major furniture and toy manufacturers in Europe ( then as
now) there was lot available. Their problems were with the availability of
Pigments. Poorly compounded pigemnts had a lot to do with German A/c paint
failures as the war went along. German research into nitrocellulos dopes was
somewhat behind the technology of the British.....

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