Re: German Purple (yes, again)

Don Rinker (
Mon, 9 Oct 95 19:56 EDT

On 09 Oct 95, wrote:

>The colour (as it is reproduced on the covers of the datafile) is a
>distinct and bright purple. This worries me not the least, since verbal
>descriptions apparently have it as a bright "royal" purple.
Generally it seems to be referred to as lilac in Idlfieg Specifications.

>There are existent pieces of fabric and Peter Grosz and Ray Rimmell both
>refer to them complete with Methuen references (17F8 and 18F8)

Ive examined at least thirty examples of fabric and wood with this color on it
in the past. I would tend to side with those looking at values of 15e2-15e3
which is a nice pleasing "lilac" color with a greyish cast to it.
I have a feeeling the darker values may be oil or fuel stained in the past or
have the effects of exteme age sjhowing...

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