Re: Albatros D-III colors
Mon, 09 Oct 95 16:20:46 +0800

Charles ( writes:
[re: rinker's questions/remarks on color]
> This raises a curious point, how do we know that the wood of German,
> or any other combatants a/c was "stained" versus color introduced by
> varnish?? It would make sense that different manufacturers using varnishes
> from several different sources will obtain finishes on wood of distinctly
> different colors.

And this raises the question I've only heard alluded to in the past --
what do we know/what can we find out about German manufacturers [and
import sources?] of: varnish, shellac, paint, cloth, wood... ?
I have a vague recollection of hearing both that there was only one
German source for the official hex fabric? and that the precise
data on their dies was lost? What of paint/varnish/shellac/dies in general?

What is left of German industrial and business history of the war years
to allow us to cross check from that angle?

Has anyone done so, or begun to have done so? (This seems like a
project worth underwriting...)

Bill F.