Re: Decals, New Eduard and Swap

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 07:34:47 -0500

On 10 Oct 95 at 20:32, Vincent Price typed diligently:

> G'day All. I am lining up a 1/32 Tom's Modelworks Sopwith Triplane
> for my next project. Can anyone suggest a source of decals? I'm at
> a loss.

Gads! In the immortal words of Tiny Elvis: "That sucker's HUGE!"
For decals, and if you don't mind purchasing another kit, look to
Hobbycraft's Camel. Otherwise, I think you're out of luck. I don't
know of any companies making aftermarket decals for things so grossly
out of proportion! :-)

> Also, sighted an Eduard brochure. Releases, supposedly before christmas
> include..........Sopwith Triplane, Floh and an Alb D.V in 1/48 and
> a Fokker DVIII in 1/72.

Hmm...With releases like this coming down the pike, it's hard not to
convert to 1/48th only. Uh oh. I just blasphemed. I need to go to
plastic confession. (Hmm..what could penance be? "You will build -
and correct - the Beechnut Fokker D.VIII"...Now that's a scary
one...) Although I'm not surprised by the Floh, it still strikes me
as "Why?" Why concentrate on this plane where they only made one (or
ws it two?) examples, when you (Eduard) still hasn't released the
much plagued Pfalz D.III. I can see it now: one to two years down
the road, we're going to be able to pick up an Eduard Flea for around
$5.00, because no one's buying them at $30(?).

However, I'm wondering about something. The "new" company SIGN -
also from the Czech Republic - just released a Fokker D.VIII. What's
going to be the difference between the SIGN and the Eduard? Also,
for those that have bought the SIGN: how does it compare to the
Datafile drawings? Anybody built it yet? If you have the other
D.VIII's in 1/72nd (Merlin and Beechnut come to mind) how does it
compare (plastic wise) to these? As I was told by someone, I'll wait
to hear, instead of getting stuck and buying a Beechnut.

> I have a spare Eduard Albatros C.III available happy to make a
> very fair swap if anyone is interested.

What do you consider fair? A Beechnut Fokker D.VIII? (Sorry, I just
couldn't resist.) :-)


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