Re: Albatros D-III colors
Tue, 10 Oct 95 09:33:16 +0800

Charles Hart writes:
> Bill Felton raises another interesting point:


> >And this raises the question I've only heard alluded to in the past --
> >what do we know/what can we find out about German manufacturers [and
> >import sources?] of: varnish, shellac, paint, cloth, wood... ?
> >I have a vague recollection of hearing both that there was only one
> >German source for the official hex fabric? and that the precise
> >data on their dies was lost? What of paint/varnish/shellac/dies in general?


> A few years ago the Museum fur Verkehr und Technik (MVT) in Berlin
> undertook to produce "replica" lozenge fabric. The result of this work is
> indistinguishable from the original.

Isn't this the same replication reported in WWI Aero in conjunction with
a restoration project? Thus, the having of an "original".
But am I correct in remembering that there was only one manufacturer of
lozenge fabric? What, if anything, do we know about them?

If there were multiple manufacturer's, was there any standardization?
Heck, if there was only *one* mfr, was there any standaradization
(between runs)?

I would think it would be interesting and potentially valuable to be able
to correlate the various (different) lozenge patterns/descriptions we have
with production runs of aircraft and of covering print runs... IF the
there were enough data, some vexing questions might be put to rest.

I believe that the replicated fabric is available in various sample
sizes -- formerly from "The First", Frank Ryder's tragicly terminated
organization, and perhaps now from its successor?

>Extensive research was conducted by
> one member of that team which resulted in the replica fabric being produced
> in the same manner as the original. While a report of this research was
> supposedly produced (German text) I have seen no indication of its having
> been published or even made available to anyone outside of the MVT group.
> Thus the knowledge exists, it just hasn't been made available.
Hmmm... Yes, those details would be fascinating. But, as I ask above,
is this not the same project as has been reported in WWI Aero in the last
couple of years? I'll have to check when I'm off line again.

If I find anything, I'll follow up.

Bill F.