Re: Albatros D-III colors

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 10:51:54 -0700

>Bill Felton raises more interesting points:
>>> from C.P. Hart:
>>> A few years ago the Museum fur Verkehr und Technik (MVT) in Berlin
>>> undertook to produce "replica" lozenge fabric. The result of this work is
>>> indistinguishable from the original.
>>Isn't this the same replication reported in WWI Aero in conjunction with
>>a restoration project? Thus, the having of an "original".
>>But am I correct in remembering that there was only one manufacturer of
>>lozenge fabric? What, if anything, do we know about them?
> Yes, the MVT project was for fabric that was used on the restored
>Halberstadt Cl-IVs, one of these is in the USAF Museum in Dayton. Sadly,
>the USAFM machine is displayed in such a way that little of its lozenge
>finish can be properly admired.
> Samples of the replica fabric were also available from the MVT. I
>have been fortunate enough to obtain samples of upper and lower patterns.
Didn't the NASM sell samples of genuine lozenge fabric off their
Albatros D.Va in connection with the restoration of that aircraft?
Didn't the NASM have new replica lozenge fabric printed up to restore
the Albatros and didn't they publish a book on the restoration, including
the specs on the lozenge fabric?

I didn't buy either the fabric or the book (alas!) so this is all from
memory but did anybody buy either and provide further enlightenment?


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