Re: Albatros D-III colors

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:16:17 +0000

Bill Felton raises more interesting points:

>> from C.P. Hart:
>> A few years ago the Museum fur Verkehr und Technik (MVT) in Berlin
>> undertook to produce "replica" lozenge fabric. The result of this work is
>> indistinguishable from the original.
>Isn't this the same replication reported in WWI Aero in conjunction with
>a restoration project? Thus, the having of an "original".
>But am I correct in remembering that there was only one manufacturer of
>lozenge fabric? What, if anything, do we know about them?
Yes, the MVT project was for fabric that was used on the restored
Halberstadt Cl-IVs, one of these is in the USAF Museum in Dayton. Sadly,
the USAFM machine is displayed in such a way that little of its lozenge
finish can be properly admired.

Whether there was one or more manufacturers of lozenge fabric, not ot
mention the Naval Hex printed fabric, is probably answered in the research
conducted by the MVT. There are many of us that would like to know what
they learned.

>If there were multiple manufacturer's, was there any standardization?
>Heck, if there was only *one* mfr, was there any standaradization
>(between runs)?
>I would think it would be interesting and potentially valuable to be able
>to correlate the various (different) lozenge patterns/descriptions we have
>with production runs of aircraft and of covering print runs... IF the
>there were enough data, some vexing questions might be put to rest.
This would be a useful piece of work to conduct. It appears that much
more of the 5-color fabric survives in various collections versus the
4-color with only a single piece, though it is large, of surviving Naval
Hex in the collection of Peter Grosz. As far as I know no one has
published any information comparing colors from different samples of
lozenge fabric.

One has to wonder how much standardization was possible in 1918 German
industry in the face of increasing pressure of the British Naval blockade.

>I believe that the replicated fabric is available in various sample
>sizes -- formerly from "The First", Frank Ryder's tragicly terminated
>organization, and perhaps now from its successor?
Samples of the replica fabric were also available from the MVT. I
have been fortunate enough to obtain samples of upper and lower patterns.

>If I find anything, I'll follow up.

Happy hunting.