MVT Lozenge

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 12:21:50 +0000

>From Bill Shatzer:
>Didn't the NASM sell samples of genuine lozenge fabric off their
>Albatros D.Va in connection with the restoration of that aircraft?
>Didn't the NASM have new replica lozenge fabric printed up to restore
>the Albatros and didn't they publish a book on the restoration, including
>the specs on the lozenge fabric?
>I didn't buy either the fabric or the book (alas!) so this is all from
>memory but did anybody buy either and provide further enlightenment?
The NASM sold large placards about the restoration of both their
Albatros D-Va and Fokker D-VII that had 1-2 square inches of fabric that
had been snipped off the air frame. I don't recall how much they cost,
though I have seen one that a friend purchased.

The fabric the NASM used for the Albatros restoration is documented in
the book published about 1980 on the Albatros. It contains a well drafted
pattern for the 5 color lozenge that is very accurate. The fabric used in
the restoration, as documented in the book, was screen printed on cotton
fabric. This was NOT the method used on the original lozenge fabric and
cotton was not the fabric used by the Germans for their airframes, they had
much more linen available. The NASM fabric was to obtain the look of the
original, although it could not reproduce the edge effects of over printing
seen on lozenges in the original and MVT replica fabrics. At the time,
lacking the documentation later obtained by the MVT, it was probably the
best that the NASM could do.

I don't believe that samples of the NASM "replica" were ever available
for sale.

>From Brian Niklas:
Yes, this is the same fabric product.
And what was advertised through Ryder's "The First"
is the same fabric, which is actually sold by the MVT.
Fabric swatches, Full patterns and by-the-yard is (was)
This (the research) was reported to have been a joint venture between
MVT, NASM, USAFM, Australian War Memorial and possible NAM (Canada)
WWI Aero did report all in detail (Bob Mikesh may have wrote one piece).

Yes, World War One Aero has reported on the fact that a replica fabric
was produced by the MVT group and has named some of the individuals
involved. However, no details of specific items of this research have
emerged, in particular regard to the lozenge fabric, described by any of
the principals at the MVT.