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> After the recent thread about the SPAD XII I have gotten it into my head that I
> would like to build a SPAD XI 2 seater. Preferably by getting a complete 1/72
> kit somewhere but, since I don't think one exists I was thinking of making one
> from 2 Revel SPAD XIII's or Airfix SPAD VII's. Unfortunately I have a serious
> lack of reference materials. I have the Munson Bomber and Recon. book and this
> has a not-to-scale color slide, but I have no scale drawings. I know there is a
> scale drawing in the Harleyford Recon and Bomber book but, I have been
> unsucessful in getting my own copy and interlibrary loan takes a couple of
> months around here. Anyway, does anyone know of some still available references
> on the SPAD XI?

I have in my database the following:

WW1 Aero, numbers 118, 120 and 147. All are some sort of structural
or three-view drawings, although I'm not sure if they're do any
specific scale. I also went thorough and searched on "various"
(since I tend to lump some things together), and the
Squadron/Signal's In Action came up, although I'm not sure if the 11
is in there. I'll try and remember at lunch, and then let you know.


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