Research and the Net

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 10:09:58 +0000

>>On 10 Oct 95, Don Rinker typed
>I certainly didn't mean this to come across as a Nit Picker deluxe type
>What does frost me lately is that I am starting to see quite a few
>unsubstantiated comments. And some members quoting from decidedly
>antiquated sources.
>Just because you have a ONE book that says it doesnt necessarily make
>it so. Especially when the source is more than about 20 years old or
>so before WW1 aero documentation stopped being a casual hobby and
>became more research and proof oriented.
>Again this isnt directed at any one person. All I am saying is think and do
>some research before you post. Perpetuating myths and inaccuracies is
>the bane of our collective interest here..........
I would like to comment on the remarks made by Mr Rinker:

This newsgroup is constituted, as far as I can tell, by a band of
enthusiasts drawn together by an interest in a common topic. As such, not
everyone has a complete library of every book written on the topic of WW I
aviation, or even the latest book on a particular topic. Clearly several
members of this group have children, myself included, and therefore have
limited resources for acquiring complete and up to date reference
libraries. From the many posts I have read here it appears that few
members have been able to examine much in the way of primary reference
material on WW I aviation in the form of photographs, diaries or aircraft

Speaking for myself, I am here to learn from others and pass along
knowledge I have that might help other members of this group. This is done
in the informal setting of electronic communication with slighly longer
time lapses in input than might be found in a normal conversation. Some
contributors make frequent posts in the spirit of keeping this electronic
conversation afloat. I do not believe that anyone deliberately wishes to
perpetuate myths and pass along inaccurate information entrenched in the
literature of WW I aviation, myself included. I also have attempted to
promote citation of references for a particular topic discussed on this
list. Is some of my own posts, in particular a short essay titled "notes
on Lozenge Camouflage" posted to this group on 22 August 1995, I have made
specific reference citations to support statements I have made.

I think that all members of this list are here to learn more about one
of our favorite topics. I think that all members here are also interested
in the truth. The conversational nature of this newsgroup is such that
unsupported statments are made, but many here do their best to include a
caveat on such remarks. The posting of unsubstantiated remarks also stems
from many of us contributing to this list at work, well away from out home
libraries. True, some of us may come to this group with inadaquate or even
dated, inaccurate information on this topic. However we are all better
served when another member of the list who posesses more recent, more
accurate data can assist those who may have posted inaccuate information by
pointing them in the direction of truth and accuracy, given in the
congenial spirit that has up to now been notable in this group.

I am the first to admit that I do not know everything about the topic
of WW I aviation, no one on this list does. I take full responsibility for
any information I post to this list, cited or otherwise. If I have
provided inaccurate or "antiquated" information I would greatly appreciate
being informed of this provided that this is followed up with information
to point me in the direction of more accurate or up to date sources. I am
as interested in the truth and accuracy on this topic as anyone.

Charles P. Hart