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>Since I don't have my sources with me, and I'm about to update my
>database, I was wondering if anyone knew what German company
>manufactured the German A7V tank? Thanks.
First of all, apologies for the long delay for the answer, but I had
loaned a part of my references to a friend for him to copy what he
needed. They're back and here is what I found.

The first prototype (Nr 500) was built by Daimler (from
Berlin-Marienfelde) and was tried on 16 january 1917. Four days later
(20 january 1917), an order for 100 chassis is emitted, 10 chassis as
"panzerwagen" (combat tanks) 8 of which are to be armed with
machine-guns only and two with one cannon and machine-guns, the 90
others to be built as tracked lorries "Gelaendewagen" or
"Ueberlandwagen". The fabrication began in the installations of
Daimler, with the assistance of Loebwerken (Berlin-Charlottenburg) and
Buessing (Braunschweig) as major subcontractors. The armoured bodies
are to be built by Roechling-Dillinger-Huette and Krupp.
By the way, the cannons used to arm the vehicles were "Beutewaffe"
(captured guns), that's to say here Nordenfeldt cannons (57mm) coming
from Belgian forts of Antwerp captured at the beginning of the war.
The machine guns were Maxim Type 08 (7,92mm).
Hope that helps.

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