Re: Skybirds

Gerald P. McOsker (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 20:24:07 -0400

Herr Bittner exclaimed this day:
Previous releases from Skybirds were a Lloyd C.V, LVG C.II and
>Halberstadt Cl.II. Anybody have these, and what do you think of
>them? How much do they cost, and what is the shipping rate? This ad
>only advertised their next releases - as well as explaining Strutz -
>so they didn't include any pricing scheme.

I purchased each of the above- two direct from Skybirds-The price was about
$32. [you have to add about $5.00 on to your check to get it to go-money
orders are prohibitive] The chap who does them is a former Polaroid
engineer who worked in Mass for about 20 years. The kits are top of the
line. A combination of plastic, resin white metal and those "Strutz" which
I have been using for several models. I was up at Nottingham last year for
the UK IPMS show and purchased his latest ones. In fact I'm due to go there
again in a little over two weeks-[ its probably cheaper than going to
Arizona because of the off season rates] I'm also looking to hitch a ride
from London up if I can find anyone in the group going that way- last year
I ended up standing in a cold drizzle for an hour waiting for a bus] In any
event- I strongly reccomend the Strutz kits-
Cheers- Gerry