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Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 20:53:14 -0700

Matthew Bittner wrote
>Finally perusing my copy of the November issue of _Air & Space_, and
>it has a brief article about restoring a Nieuport 28. My questions
>for those NASM people on the list: Is it being photographed as it's
>being restored? What references/plans are they using?
>Finally, one comment struck a chord. The article mentions that this
>was the first aircraft flown by American squadrons. What about the
>SPAD 7's flown by N.124, which later became an American squadron? Or
>did they replace the SPAD with Nie.28's during transition?
The Lafayette Escadrille (N.124) was re-equipped with SPAD 7's
and became Spa.124 in April of 1917. However, it was not transferred
to US command until February, 1918, becoming the 103rd Aero Sgdn.
Several other US squadrons were flying the Nieuport 28 _before_
the Lafayette Escadrille became an American squadron.

Oh, yeah, forgot, we're required to list references now. :-( This
comes from "Wings of Honor" by James Sloan.

Hope this clears it up. Cheers

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