Sign Fokker D.VIIII

Vincent Price (
Sat, 14 Oct 95 00:53:32 PDT

Good Morning All,

Purchased the sign Fokker D.VIII and though a small review would be in
order (kids asleep, clients happy...time on my hands...!!!).

Kits contains 9 Plastic Parts, 4 White Metal and numerous Etched Brass
on two frets. Decals are for six aircraft and include suspect lozenge upper
and lower.

United States Test Aircraft - McCook Field
197/18 Lt Stefan Stec Polich Air Force
153/18 Richard Wenzl Jasta 6
Royal Netherlands Air Force
156/18 Lt Theo Osterkamp Jasta 2
15 Squadron, Polish Air Force

The plastic parts are typical limited run injection moulded - heavy gates etc. The
wings tips are too rounded and the fudelage is too short (2mm). The metal cowling is
reasonable for the scale.

What really sets the kits apart is the metal parts and the etch - they are great. The
engine will turn into a little ripper! and the spoked wheels (Etch and metal) are
very delicate.

I intend combining the Aeroclub kit and the Sign in the following way:

Aeroclub Fuselage

Sign Rudder
Wheels (Depending on Version)
Cowl (With some rounding)

Pegasus Lozenge Decals

Overall - worth the money $20.00 Aus.

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