Re: Sign Fokker D.VIIII

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 09:34:27 +0000

Vincent Price writes:

>I intend combining the Aeroclub kit and the Sign in the following way:
>Aeroclub Fuselage
> Wing
> Guns
> Tailplane
> Propellor
>Sign Rudder
> Etch
> Wheels (Depending on Version)
> Cowl (With some rounding)
> Decals
> Engine
>Pegasus Lozenge Decals
>Overall - worth the money $20.00 Aus.

For what its worth, most of the photos I have looked at of Fokker
D-VIIIs show them covered in 4-color lozenge fabric. There are a number of
clear photos in the Datafile on this a/c which show this.

Americal/Gryphon has good sheets of this pattern.