Bob Pickwoad (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 07:32:38 -0700

Hi, all

I'm in the research mode for another project, a 1/4 scale BE2e, and have
chosen as my subject #5836 of No. 34 Squadron RFC. This plane is depicted on
the cover of Windsock Datafile #14.

At ths time I have two questions that I'm hoping someone can answer.
First, in some photos a bellcrank of some sort is shown near the bottom of
the fuselage forward of the forward cockpit. I'm guessing that this is a
control feature that is perhaps duplicated in the rear cockpit, such as
elevator. But if so, why. Some photos show this bellcrank, or horn, not
installed. I have also guessed that this may have something to do with a
bomb release mechanism. I have found no text that answers this question.

Now, the REAL question: Why would the artist depict the forward rudder
stripe as black, as well as the outside concentric circle of the roundel on
the fuselage side (the roundels on the upper surface of the top wing contain
a blue circle)? According to the text, this particular aircraft had been
captured by the Germans, following which Iron Crosses were painted on the
wheels. A photo of the captured plane shows this, but the rudder stripe is
clearly not black, nor is the roundel.

I have to question the artist's depiction on the cover, however it seems
that he took a lot of trouble to get every other detail correct. Any guesses
out there as to what the REAL story is?

Thanks in advance for any help in clearing up this matter.

Bob Pickwoad, Phoenix