Re: Aeromaster Lozenge Decals
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 20:55:20 -0400

Greg Springer wrote that, of the available five color lozenge in 1/48, and
factoring in the 'scale effect' he's opting for the Aeromaster upper surface
sheet with the Superscale undersurface sheet.

I think he's on target. I've got most of the various lozenge decals spread
out before me and, if you ignore the similarity of patterns, there are a
number that don't seem related to each other at all. In fact, compare
Superscales' #100 (four-color upper) and 101(under) with the Microscale
release (also 100-101). Greg didn't mention the Pegasus five-color sheets.
The upper surface is pretty good (tho' not quite as convinving as
Aeromaster). The under surface seems to use dayglo colors and might have
deterred Britsih anti-aircraft gunners from even looking at it.

To pick up where Greg left off, the four color picks would seem to me to be:
Superscale 48-101 (undersurface) because of the scale effect (and after all,
it's on the bottom of the model) with Aeromaster's 48-178 a close runner up,
but a little too dark. For upper surface, Aeromaster's 48-177 is very close
- the interpretation has an overall green-grey flavor. I guess, though, for
the upper surface four color pattern I'm partial to Koster's KAE 7 sheet,
which has a good mix of the colors. Make sure you get the _second_ version
of the Koster sheet - the original release had a very greenish upper surface
color, and a _very_ faded under surface interpretation. Actually, I got a
few of the original Koster sheets and use the faded undersurface decal for
the inside of fabric-covered fuselages. With a light overspray of 'linen'
color, it gives a good impression of the backside of lozenge fabric covering.