Eduard Sopwith Pup:over scale?

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Mon, 16 Oct 95 10:45:21 JST

Hello, everyvody.
I subscribed this mailng list at last week, and recieve confirmation.

Purchased the Eduard Sopwith Pup and check accuracy.

Somebody pointed out the figure of cowlling slots and no exhaust channel in
earlier articles, I read its in the archeive.
Thank authors, it is very helpful suggestion for me.

BTW, is this kit a little bigger than 1/48th?
I compared kit parts with 3-view plans in Windsock Data Files No.2(reissued).
Wing span, cowlling diameter, fuselage length, all of them are bigger than
the plans.

Is this kit incorrect, or is the plans?

Regards, --Hirohisa Ozaki