Re: BE2e

Mark K. Nelson (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 21:40:06 -0700

> At ths time I have two questions that I'm hoping someone can answer.
>First, in some photos a bellcrank of some sort is shown near the bottom of
>the fuselage forward of the forward cockpit. I'm guessing that this is a
>control feature that is perhaps duplicated in the rear cockpit, such as
>elevator. But if so, why. Some photos show this bellcrank, or horn, not
>installed. I have also guessed that this may have something to do with a
>bomb release mechanism. I have found no text that answers this question.

Check pp16 & 17 - it's for the rudder control in the front (observers) seat.

Remember, the pilot sat out back in the Be2s.

> Now, the REAL question: Why would the artist depict the forward rudder
>stripe as black, as well as the outside concentric circle of the roundel on
>the fuselage side (the roundels on the upper surface of the top wing contain
>a blue circle)? According to the text, this particular aircraft had been
>captured by the Germans, following which Iron Crosses were painted on the
>wheels. A photo of the captured plane shows this, but the rudder stripe is
>clearly not black, nor is the roundel.
> I have to question the artist's depiction on the cover, however it seems
>that he took a lot of trouble to get every other detail correct. Any guesses
>out there as to what the REAL story is?

IMHO - the top wing is portrayed in bright light, while the side is in
shadow. The artist's portrayal probably was V.dark blue, but the printer
"darkened" it some more (unintentionally - see previous thread on the shade
of mauve/lilac.)


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