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Eric Thiesen (ethiesen@omnifest.uwm.edu)
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The following list contains books about World War I aerial combat and
airplanes. Most of these books provide historical background and add
a bit of flesh to the familiar names. I have included here and there
some brief commentary that may or may not help you decide about troubling
yourself to seek these books out. It's probably best to examine them at
the library or bookstore before buying. For what it's worth, my interest
in aircraft modeling arose from playing computer flying games, which
stimulated an interest in reading more about aerial combat, which led
in turn to some primitive attempts at model-building. In other words:
historical reading and game-playing seem to be useful adjuncts to the model
building activity. All that being said, here we go.....
The books on this list all deal in some manner or another
with World War I aircraft. "(b&n)" indicates my known
source for the book: Barnes and Noble. The second city,
publisher and date represents *original* publication
data, if known. Many of these books are enjoyable reading,
although illustrations are probably not as numerous as
modelers would like. The historical background is, I
think, useful nevertheless. Also, most of these books
include bibliographies and other reference lists that
should be helpful.

Fighting the Flying Circus. Edward Vernon Rickebacker.
Time-Life Books, Wings of War series. Alexandria (Va):
Time-Life, 1989. New York: F.A. Stokes, 1919.
ISBN= 0 8094 7954 0 Call Number= D606.r3 1989

Winged Warfare: Hunting the Huns in the Air. William
Avery Bishop. Time-Life Books, Wings of War series.
Alexandria (Va): Time-Life, 1993. London: Hodder &
Stoughton, 1918.
ISBN= 0 8094 9762 x Call Number= D606.b5 1993

The Canvas Falcons: The Men and Planes of World War I.
Stephen Longstreet. New York: Barnes & Noble, 1995.
np: Stephen Longstreet, 1970.
ISBN= 1 56619 669 8
** A very readable book. Some of the b/w
** photos are of Revell models no longer
** available! Caveat: some text is in the
** the fliers' own words and is, in a word,
** unexpurgated or "gritty." Fairly long
** bibliography and source list.

The Red Baron. Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen.
Peter Kilduff, trans. Stanley M. Ulanoff, ed.
New York: Barnes & Noble, 1995. np: Stanley M. Ulanoff,
ISBN= 1 56619 839 9

Flying the Old Planes. Frank Tallman. Garden City (NY):
Doubleday, 1973. Preface by Ernest K. Gann, Introduction
by Joe Brown.
** Each chapter covers a different plane.
** All aircraft are restorations or
** carefully made reproductions. Some
** color photos. Most interesting is what
** the reader learns about what it was like
** to keep the old crates running and keep
** them in the air.

Color Profiles of World War I Combat Planes. Giorgio
Apostolo and Giorgio Begnozzi. Dale McAdoo, trans.
New York: Crescent, 1974
Lib Congress= 74-77687
** Large, two-page color plates, numerous
** b/w photos. Some of the color drawings
** seem to be in 1/48 scale. Interesting
** photos of captured aircraft. Italian
** planes figure prominently, which is no
** surprise.

The Great Planes. James Gilbert. New York: Ridge Press-
Madison Square Press/Grosset & Dunlap, 1970.
Lib Congress= 70-117510
** Some nice pictures, long and promising
** looking bibliography.

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I. New York: Military
Press, 1990. np: Jane's Publishing, 1919. Forward by
John W. R. Taylor.
ISBN= 0 517 03376 3
** This book is sort of a facsimile of th
** 1919 editon. 320 pages, some tech info
** and drawings of various engines, etc.

Lafayette Escadrille. Herbert Molloy Mason, Jr. Men at
War series. New York: Konecky & Konecky, 1995? New York:
John Hawkins and Assoc., 1964(?).
ISBN= 1 56852 048 4
(half price books)

Sopwith: The Man and His Aircraft. Bruce Robertson.
Hertfordshire(UK): Air Review Ltd., 1970
ISBN= 0 900 435 15 1
Lib congress= 70-84076
Call= TL540.s66 r6 1970

** Wonderful 1/72 line drawings of many
** Sopwith aircraft. Back of book has
** performance, specification, and
** production tables for all aircraft.
** Nice, large detail drawing of Camel
** parts: wheels, rudder bar, wing cross-
** section, etc.

Historic Warplanes: Aeronautical Collections of Famous
Fighters and Bombers. Steve MacDonald. Edison(NJ):
Chartwell, 1995.
ISBN= 0 7858 0337 8

** Mostly WW2 planes, excepting the Brisfit.
** But, includes locations, addresses, etc.
** for airplane museums/collections through-
** out the world.

The Aircraft Cockpit: From Stick-and-String to Fly-by-Wire.
L.F.E. Coombs. Wellingborough(UK): Patrick Stephens Ltd.,
ISBN= 1 85260 281 3
** History of aircraft "offices"
** from 1903 to the 1980's. Too
** bad all the photos are b/w.


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