Re: Eduard Sopwith Pup:over scale?

Brian Bushe (
16 Oct 1995 12:36:58 +0100

In <v01510100aca79022de5d@[]>, Mark K. Nelson wrote:
>>BTW, is this kit a little bigger than 1/48th?
>>I compared kit parts with 3-view plans in Windsock Data Files No.2(reissued).
>>Wing span, cowlling diameter, fuselage length, all of them are bigger than
>> the plans.
>>Is this kit incorrect, or is the plans?
>>Regards, --Hirohisa Ozaki
>I'll agree, but only by 1mm or so. I'd call that insignificant!

Welcome to the list Hirohisa, I hope we can continue to help.

I noted in the mini review the Pup is larger all round than the
Datafile plans, and asked if anyone thought the plans were undersize.
No one questioned the plans so I guess the kit IS too large. It is in
proportion though!

BTW the Eduard Floh has been released in UK at UK 9.95 pounds (for
reference that was the Eindekkers initial release price). It consists
of around eight plastic parts with a small (for Eduard) pe fret. Looks
alright for the price, but i haven't bought it yet!


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