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Matt Bittner (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 07:38:57 -0500

On 15 Oct 95 at 21:45, Mark K. Nelson opened the proverbial can of

> . . .for punishment.


> If I'm going to arrange/co-arrange/liase with or otherwise be affiliated
> with a static scale contest (to go with the WW1 R/C contest next Aug. here
> in Ed.) I need some more info.
> 1) what kind of resources do I have to work with?

For what? If you're officially U.S. IPMS sanctioned, then you have
a wonderful insurance policy to work with. I'm not sure about the
Canadian side. This topic should probably be expanded a little on
your side.

> 2) what categories should there be?

Oh yea, here we go. The last contest I went to - which was strictly
"military" - had a good breakout of categories (if only because they
had a separate one for "biplanes"). Are you going with just
aircraft, or are you opening it up a bit?

> 3) etc. . .

This can run a full gamut of stuff. If you want, we can move this to
private email, so the list won't get bored - and flooded with
messages. ;-)

> P.S. this is as a private individual and generally not affiliated with my
> place of employ.

But of course!


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