Re: Eduard Sopwith Pup:over scale?

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 07:38:58 -0500

On 16 Oct 95 at 10:45, Hirohisa Ozaki typed diligently:

> Hello, everyvody.
> I subscribed this mailng list at last week, and recieve confirmation.

Welcome! It's good to see the list expanding.

> Purchased the Eduard Sopwith Pup and check accuracy.

Egads, another 1/48th builder? Hey Steve, looks like we're being

> Somebody pointed out the figure of cowlling slots and no exhaust channel in
> earlier articles, I read its in the archeive.
> Thank authors, it is very helpful suggestion for me.
> BTW, is this kit a little bigger than 1/48th?
> I compared kit parts with 3-view plans in Windsock Data Files No.2(reissued).
> Wing span, cowlling diameter, fuselage length, all of them are bigger than
> the plans.
> Is this kit incorrect, or is the plans?

I would *normally* trust the plans before the kit. Stair and Rimell
are very accurate, IMNSHO.


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