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> ps. I'm with Mick - what the hell IS a Pfalz D.VIII

Well, I wanted to comment on this in previous messages, but once I
got to the bottom of my "stack", decided to wait until now.

I can't give lots of details - especially since my Windsock is at
home - but the Pfalz D.VIII was a late war design, with only a
"handful" of planes being built. It was - as most later Pfalz
fighters were - a very good design. However, I believe it was
primarily used as a "home-front" defender, and saw limited action -
but more action than the Fokker D.VIII.

WRT the "Fokker D.VIII" versus the "Pfalz D.VIII" from previous
messages: Vol 11 No 4 Windsock featured Fokker _D.VII_'s, and not
D.VIII's. Revell is releasing (who knows when) a Fokker D.VII in
1/28th, and not a D.VIII. I know of no kits out of the Pfalz D.VIII
- although with the type being published in Windsock, it's only a
matter of time (maybe Pegasus?).

So, I hope that clears things up a little.


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