Re: Western Front Rhinebeck

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 09:21:25 -0500

>I believe the club that hosted this event lost their field, and just never
>got back into it again. An event of this magnitude (or any large event)
>presents a lot of work for all concerned. It would be great to have
>something like this happen again, but that apperas to be a rather narrow
>minded desire. Like Guy stated, we tend to be an eccentric lot, and not
>really tuned in to the mainstream, which just happens to be the jets and
>"heavy metal". I wouldn't mind just an informal get together, or fly in. The
>devil with prizes, it would be great to just leave the egos behind and have
>a great time.

I woyuld be interested in attending!

>FAI is great, but who has the time and money for the travel?

I wish :-(

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