Re: 1995 Scale Masters

Larry Marshall (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 10:40:35 -0400

> Ah well. Rant again, I have. I will stop now, and let everybody
> ponder away. ("Yea, but where are we going to get chaps our size?")

I personally found your comments much more than ranting. They describe
the situation. They've told me that static guys are in about the same boat
as flying guys in events. This suggests that points of view like "WWII guys
write the rules so their fast planes win" just don't hold water. Those fighter
planes might be winning because of biases within the judging ranks but it's
unlikely that there's any rigging going on.

You've also told me that we have it a bit better than static guys as it's
pretty hard to 'hide' someone's 6-7 foot wingspan airplane that's sitting
on a runway. That was an incredible story.

Cheers --- Larry