An inline request - reprised
21 Sep 95 16:17:00 EDT

Hello all,

Do you remember this request:

>I am currently scratchbuilding a Bristol F.2B Fighter and intend to
build a Rolls Royce Eagle power plant. I >need as many photos as I can
get my hands on, and better still, drawings of the beast. I have pictures
>from early "Janes" and several poorly reproduced shots in the Squadron
Signal and Windsock books on >the Brisfit, however I'd like some more !
>Does anyone know if WW1 Aero or another publication has ever featured
the Eagle ? If anyone can lay >hands upon any relevant issues and xerox
them for me I'd be happy to reimburse copying and postage.

Well the rest of you at least have some excuse.

But the idiot who posted the request (me) has spent so much time on this
bloody model he should have instantly noticed the deliberate error.

So if any one has any other usefull references on the Rolls Royce FALCON
engine I'd probably find it quite usefull.

You all have my apology for any research effort expended on my behalf.
I'll buy a beer for anyone so discommoded next time they're in Brisbane