Re: Applying Lozenge Decal Question

Martin Lawder (mala1231@sulu.fb12.TU-Berlin.DE)
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 10:30:01 +22300819 (DFT)

> <discourse on Pegasus D.V deleted for space>
> I won't comment on the lozenge application. Other's have done a
> better job than I could ever do.
> For the builder, whose lozenge are you using? Whose markings are you
> making the D.V in?
> This sounds like a great project. I know I would be interested to
> hear your perceptions of the Pegasus kit, as well as what
> modifications/additions you made.
> I've got numerous Airfix kits, and bought one Pegasus kit to compare
> the two manufacturers (as if there's a comparison), and also to build
> Jacobs' D.V.
> Something else that would be neat. All those currently working on
> projects should send a picture into Al so he can include them on the
> web page. That way we can all see just how great everybody is on the
> list.
> Matt

Yes, it would be nice to see some examples of each others work, but
wouldn't it take up a bit of space ?

Back to the Pegasus DV, I' building it straight from the box in the markings
of Jasta 40, with a green and white fuselage and 5 col. loz. on the wings.
I've got the Datafiles on the D.III and D.V, but decided to build this
colour scheme without a photo for reference.

The kit itself is very finely moulded, with recessed lines for wooden butt
joints, and raised detail for engine covers. I had to sand the fuselage halves
lightly to get a good fit. What I did notice most of all, was that although
most of the panel lines met from left to right fuselage sides, the
indentations for the undercarriage and fuse struts were not symmetric,
so I had to do a bit of filling, and then measuring from the plans for
their correct position.

I liked the metal engine, but I filed out a little too much from the front
of the fuse to accept it :-), but it isn't that noticeable.

I haven't fitted much cockpit detail, just the joystick and seat with some
seatbelts from kitchen foil painted buff.

I've fitted the horizontal and vertical tailplane, with the moving surfaces
cut out and repositioned. Glued on the lower mainplane, which needed a bit of
filler, and fitted the u/c struts.

The fit of most parts is very good, with a bit of care, and the moulding of
the wings is in my opinion excellent, especially the impression of
washout towards the wingtips.

Now I've painted it with a can of white primer, green Xtracolor x212 stripes
on the fuse, prepaintes the wings purple. I got some Americal 5 col. loz.
already stuck to the lower mainplane upper surface (in spanwise position),
and this reacted nicely to Aeromaster Sol softener.
I got some pegasus 5 col loz. for the underside while in London in the summer
(topside was sold out) and compared to the Americal the decal is alot thinner,
but both show rib detail through them.

if I get the top mainplane finished tonight i can maybe position the
top mainplane at the weekend (all this of course between getting the kids
to bed, and other house work).

The kit is good, and I will get another to make.

I've also got an ESCI Albatros D.III, but the wingplan is wrong, and the
span a bit short. Is the Bluerider mod any good for this ?