Re: Blue Max event

Frank Reaume (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 07:59:15 -0400

>Is anyone still planning to come?

Sure, but it would be helpful to know that a few others had committed
themselves to attend, before setting out on a 2000 mile trip.

>If the scope was increased to any scale and any motive power who else would be
>willing to come?

I think this is the key to getting a respectable turnout. WW1 is at the
bottom of the interest pile, and electric flight is at the bottom of that
pile as well. So, let's just get WW1 aircraft out for a weekend of flying,
and to hell with restrictive rules.

>If the scope was increased would people who would go to an electric contest not
>go to an all power contest?

Glow/gas power is noisy, but seeing WW1 aircraft in flight negates this
minor annoyance. Besides, maybe exposing some gas guys to electrics will
further the cause.