Lt. Adolf Auer's plane (fwd from WWI-L)

Joseph R. Boeke (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 11:40:22 -0400

Saw this on WWI-L, though maybe someone here might know the answer...

- Joe

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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 08:05:37 +30000
From: Al Fuerst <>
Subject: Aircraft Markings

I recently picked up a publication of the World War I Aviation Society,
An extremely interesting publication. It has many photos and details of
various aircraft, both allied and german. One in particular , really
caught my eye. It was a Fokker , that was forced down by a Lt. Soden. The
Fokker was flown by a German Lt Adolf Auer. Auer's plane had standard
German markings , plus striped tail surfaces, and along the fuselage was a

Star of David. Was this a squadron marking? Was Lt. Auer using a Jewish
religious Symbol for good luck? Was Lt. Auer Jewish? Is there any info on
German Jewish aviators from WW I ?


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