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Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 08:13:47 -0500

For those who aren't aware, the magazine _Aviation History_ has on
its staff, Jon Guttman. For those who don't know, Guttman is a
"biggie" in the WW1 world, providing the series "Foreign Legion of
the Air" for Windsock.

The current issue - November 1995 - contains an article written by
Guttman on Italian Ace, Francesco Baracca. I haven't had the chance
to read it yet, but Jon's articles are usually well researched, and
well thought out.

However, is brother - Robert - is also "venturing" into the WW1
field, and is also writing articles for _Aviation History_. His
article is on the Pemberton-Billing's Supermarine PB.31E. It's a
good article on an aircraft I didn't know existed - and am glad it
didn't make anything of itself (should be in that book "World's
Worst Aircraft) - but he makes one glaring error. He misspelled
"Friedrichshafen" by replacing the 'f' with a 'v'. Nope, sorry,
sppeling erirs are knot alowwed!!

Anyway, _Aviation History_ was previously called _Aviation_, which
was previously called _Aviation Heritage_. Enough to drive you mad!
They have had a few WW1 articles in the in the past - mostly Jon's
dealing with Aces/people who flew.

My parents (believe it or not) subscribe, so I get all issues through
them. If anyone wants a copy of any of the articles, let me know.
Granted, I don't have some of the earlier issues (I believe I'm
missing the first one to two years), but I'll be happy to oblige if I


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