General WWI Event in 1996...... HELP:-)

Guy Fawcett (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 08:46:03 -0600 (MDT)

This is a general call to the members of this group for
assitance in creating this WWI event. As host of the
event I will cover all the ground work in the Edmonton
area for finding sites an logistics. What I need from the
group is assitance by providing input and getting
information out to interested people in your areas.

In Pursuit of the
Foreign Legionnaires of the
Knights of the Sky
We need YOU, your AEROPLANES
and your SKILL
Join us on the field of battle
August 17th and 18th, 1996

Form a squadron, form a flight or come as a lone wolf,
but come, to the first annual Edmonton WWI event.
We need the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air
Service, the Imperial German Air Service the French
Aviation Militare the Italian Air Service and any other
participating airforce in the first great air war. Your
aircraft only have to meet one requirement, it must be
a scale model of a full size man carrying aircraft that
saw some service with one of the warring parties
engaged in fighting WWI during the period 1914 to

The event will be anything you want it to be. On
Friday the 16th there will be a static display held at an
acrerage near Edmonton. If you choose to enter the
static judging fine if you just want to hang out with
other modeller's and show off your WWI creations that
will be fine too :-) come one and all. On the two flying
days we will have the three competition events on one
flight line and at the same time provide a flight line
strictly for fun flying just get your transmitter from the
inpound and fly.

For the IPMS people with in our group if you want to
arrange a WWI IPMS contest to coincide with the Static
portion of the event at the same site contact me and
we can make the arrangements.

The competition side will be composed of four events
1) Manufacturer's Competition, 2) Pilot's Test, 3)
Ground Support Mission and the 4) Duel of Eagles.
Any competitor has the choice of entering on or all of
the events. The brave soles who compete in all the
events and proves himself the most worthy of our
praise will be declared a Flying Ace and awarded the
Pour le Merite.