Re[2]: On gold, silver and bronze
Fri, 22 Sep 95 08:17:12 PST

At IPMS Seattle, there was a lot of discussion of the gsb
system and "sweeps" (will discuss that later). The
discussion regarding gsb sort of ran along the lines that
X number of judges being given X number of votes was not
really practical due to dispersion of votes and inconsistent
judging criteria. You're talking about a lot of bronze. When
the system was first described to us at a meeting this
summer, a lot of us were thinking "cool; more than one gold
or bronze, etc. will be awarded, and more importantly, every
model gets looked at". The report from a subsequent show
that used the gsb method was that it was not what it claimed
to be. As I wasn't a judge, I am not really qualified to go
into this.

IPMS Seattle has decided for the time being to keep 1st,
2nd, 3rd place ribbons plus honorable mentions.

In addition, IPMS Seattle discussed the possibility of
disallowing sweeps of categories (the same person winning
1st,2nd,3rd) and we voted to allow them. We will judge
models, not the modellers. We did vote, however, to use
numbered forms that would provide more anonymity than what
we have had in the past (you know --you can tell by a
person's hand writing whether they built each model in the
category or not). We are trying to avoid inclusion of
personalities in the judging of models.

----Stephen Tontoni (relatively new to IPMS, but willing to
go out on a limb here.)