RE: Re[2]: On gold, silver and bronze
23 Sep 95 20:01:00 EDT

Hi folks,

That man Matt has been typing again and this time he said:

>The numbering system isn't infallible - as the above has pointed out
>- but it's better than having judge "a" saying "This model is by
>so-and-so, and I can't stand so-and-so, so I'll give it a low score."

FWIW we use the numbering system at our major comp, and at both clubs to
which I belong. Matt is quite correct in saying that it isn't infallible
- for example I know the "style" of most of the best modellers around
here, and so would most of the oldtimers around the traps. However, like
democracy, its not perfect but it is the best we have.

>Sure, most people aren't this petty, but you get the idea.

Too bloody true. Sadly it takes just one such person to ruin the
reputation of a competition for years. Any system which discourages such
behaviour has my approval.

>Our IPMS club does go one further, and hand out an award to the
>"best modeler". Basically, this is a "score" of how many contests
>that person has one, but it also helps in showing who is more
>prolific, as well as awards a person for "bringing models in".

This is a good idea, particularly from the point of view of the poor
competition secretary at your club, trying to encourage entries in the
monthly/bimonthly/quarterly/whatever competitions. Our club does
something similar, but the winner must have entered at least 2 categories
(aircraft/armour/ships/civ.vehicles/figures/sci-fi) which also encourages
those with tunnel vision to learn a bit of tolerance !

I have enjoyed this thread. It's interesting to see the variations
attempted to sort out the problems. Happily _all_ are intended to make
things fairer