More Eduard Albatros C.III

Mark K. Nelson (
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 13:51:49 -0700

My copy of the Albatros C.III datafile just arrived from "MCFranklin" so I
can say a little more on the kit.

Boy, did they ever mold in waayyyyy too much dihedral!

The gun ring may be (very slightly) too deep but looks correct otherwise.

The only real problem with the kit is the wing center section:

In most C.IIIs there is a gap between the left and right sections
containing the top of the cabane structure. (two inverted Vs with a length
of pipe at the top.) A gravity tank (not in kit) is often mounted above
this structure.

On some aircraft (seems to be mostly Hansa built examples) this gap is
plated over - this is how the kit is!!

Both aircraft modelled in the kit had the gap. Neither aircraft featured
the gravity tank. Cut the gap & scratchbuild the new cabane top.

736/16 also has a carbine mounted on the port side at the top of the white
cross panel. Anybody have a source for these?

In the instructions they have you assemble the bomb tubes in an early step
& show that they must penetrate the fuselage bottom, but they never tell
you to cut the holes. . . the way the kit is designed you can just take a
rectangular chunk out of the fuselage halves.

Otherwise - the more I look at the kit the more I like it!

BTW: Eduard in Nepean Ontario got the Sopwith Pups a week ago friday
($36.99 Canadian - a little less $$.)


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)