Re: WW I armor

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 12:14:16 -0500

On 25 Sep 95 at 9:58, C.P. Hart typed diligently:

> For the Ft 17 you need only look to the Matchbox kit, packaged with
> the Char B.1 bis tank ( a personal favorite) the scale here is 1/76. There
> is also an Osprey volume on the Ft 17 by Steve Zaloga, now several years
> old (I just saw this in my local shop).

Actually, I do have one. I was only asking about the Bellano because
I heard it has internal details on the Ft17. I also have the Osprey
as well, and there aren't any interior details.

Ah well, hunt on I will.


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