Re: Lt. Adolf Auer's plane
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 13:49:40 -0500


I got at my books, but did not come up with much regarding:

> .... Fokker D.VII 4043/18 flown by LTN. ADOLF AUER of JASTA
> 40, forced to land by Capt. F.O. Soden on 28 October
> 1918.....Regards,
> Al

Franks' book listed a Hans Auer, but no Adolf, so he (Adolf) may not have
scored 5 or more victories. Jasta 40, (Royal Saxon) may have used the
striped tail surfaces as a unit marking, but I suspect the "star of David"
to be Auer's personal marking.

I've seen a few of the WWI-Modeler's list members on this list. Perhaps
they have more detailed profiles.