Re: Is Skyways Magazine still being published?

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 13:34:21 +0000


I am fairly sure that Skyways is still in publication. I am a 10 year
subscriber to WW I Aero and in the latest issue (August) there is no
mention of interruption. What I have experienced over the last two or so
years has been poor service on my subscription. I have failed to receive
3-4 issues in that time and had to write requesting replacements, the
original not ever turning up. I would suggest that you write to Leo Opdike
and inform him of your situation, your replacement copies will probably
arrive soon after. Good luck,


>I haven't seen a copy of Skyways since January and I'm getting converned.
> Skyways is the sibling publication to WWI Aero, picking up where WWI Aero
>leaves off and ending around the time of the highest point off aeronautical
>development. By this I mean the introduction of the DC-3, of course.
>I had assumed that there would be some problem with publication since Kenn
>Rust was leaving as editor and someone else was taking over. I've gotten
>used to being patient where modelling and aviation history are concerned, but
>9 months is long enough. Either they aren't publishing or my address was
>mislaid. In either case, I'd like to know whats going on.
>So does anyone on the list have any knowledge of the situation? Has Skyways
>published any issues beyond Jan 95?
>Eli Geher