Re: WWI Aero

Jay M. Thompson (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:41:17 -0400

> I could
>work up some sort of formal letter if you'd like to draw up a small outline
>of what points you want made, I was just unsure of what you wanted - I thought
>you wanted stats on the list.

Ok, sounds good. Speaking of busy, though, my life has a surfeit of it
right now- wife and I move to Charlottesville VA on Monday, both starting
new jobs. I'm going to be doing product support for Kesmai, the folks
that do Air Warrior (and who are also thinking about doing a WWI
MP sim- guess who's going to do some heavy lobbying for it?) Anyway, I
want to see this thing go forward, but it will be some time next week
before I can even think about looking at it.

>Well I'm confused about the data - a LOT of it is paper based I would guess.
>Transferring to a permanent media (Microfiche, computer) would be a HUGE start.
>Duplicating it would be easier and easier to prevent a loss.

I agree. Transferring the photos and text data to computer format
would be great, but it'd take a godawful amount of scanning and collating
time. Maybe if we get into serious talks with Leo and his bunch we could
put the projects out on the list for volunteers? I have a feeling that
this bunch could team together to get some good work done, work that would
result in previously unavailable reference material being available to all-
which, as you pointed out, would virtually guarantee that it would never
get lost.

I'm going to be heads down in real life stuff for the next week or two,
after that I'll se if I can get the ball rolling with an outline for you.