Insignia Magazine - out in two weeks

John Napper (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 16:19:53 GMT

Insignia, the new quarterly magazine for military aviation enthusiasts will be
published in two weeks. We are now taking subscriptions for the first
years issues, details of which are below.

Each issue will be a 36 page A4 publication, with a 1/72 scale decal sheet
included. The magazine contains numerous 1/72 scale drawings plus photographs,
many of which have never been published.

Issue One contents include the following Carinthian Air War 1918/19, Modern
Lithuanian Aviation, Northrop A-17, Part 1 of a comprehensive look at the
Oeffag Albatrs D.III, Lithuanian Air Force Fokkers, Polikarpov R-1, Operation
Deny Flight, illustrated marking histories for the Croat, Serbian and Bulgarian
Air Forces and much more. The decals with Issue 1 feature some unusual
markings for the Polikarpov R-1.

Subscription details for 1995/96 are as follows (prices in pounds sterling):
UK only 22.00
Surface mail worldwide 24.00
Air mail USA/Canada 26.00
Air mail Australia/New Zealand/Japan 28.00

We can accept payment in the following ways -
By Sterling cheque or by Mastercard/VISA/Access if possible. We also accept
Eurocheques, US/Canadian Postal Orders or International Money Orders. Please
check for current exchange rates. We will also accept US currency notes. If you
wish to pay by US dollar cheque please add an extra 5.00 to cover UK bank

Please make your cheque/PO/IMO payable to Blue Rider Publishing.

Send your payments to Insignia Magazine, Blue Rider Publishing, 43a Glasford
Street, London SW17 9HL

You may also contact us on +44 181 672 3049 or by e-mail on or