Re: Insignia Magazine - out in two weeks

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 08:37:05 -0500

On 27 Sep 95 at 16:19, John Napper typed diligently:


> Issue One contents include the following Carinthian Air War 1918/19, Modern
> Lithuanian Aviation, Northrop A-17, Part 1 of a comprehensive look at the
> Oeffag Albatrs D.III, Lithuanian Air Force Fokkers, Polikarpov R-1, Operation
> Deny Flight, illustrated marking histories for the Croat, Serbian and Bulgarian
> Air Forces and much more. The decals with Issue 1 feature some unusual
> markings for the Polikarpov R-1.

<Drool, drool>

Hey, this sounds great. Granted it isn't all WW1, but the non-WW1
stuff sounds great! Finally, I'll have some decals to put on my
Russian-manufactured R-1. (The original, before Encore got its
hands on the mold. Which - if I remember correctly - the original
contains some horrible, thick dry-transfers for markings. Ick!)


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